About the ABC journal

The ABC Journal was founded with the intent of creating an opportunity for students of the Research Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences (MBCS) from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). It helps students to understand and get involved with the scientific peer review process by reviewing the best research projects of the Master’s programme and publishing them within the journal. Since its founding, the ABC Journal has developed further to encompass all aspects of scientific journalism, including designing and formatting the final product of the physical copies. The journal now includes a design team, a social media and web team and an editorial team. All members contribute to the central goal of reviewing the articles. As of 2018, the ABC Journal is run independently by students, with advice from expert consultants within the field. The goal of the journal is to provide a real opportunity to contribute to the field of academic and scientific journalism while asking important interdisciplinary questions within the fields of cognition and neuroscience through original works written by the editorial team. Furthermore, the ABC Journal provides the opportunity to develop the leadership and project management skills necessary to run a scientific journal.

Current ABC Journal Team

Current members contribution to the ABC journal. From top left to bottom right:

– Eylül Turan, Steven Voges, Sammy Millard, Sven Wientjes, Iris Bosch, Nikos Kolonis, Marianne De Heer-Kloots, Rose Nasrawi

Members not present in picture:

– Christina Bruckmann, Feline De Wit

Contributing to the ABC journal

If you are interested in becoming a part of the ABC journal, all students from the master Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the UvA are welcome to join the team. Help is always appreciated in the peer-review process, the same goes for maintaining the Facebook page, the design of the journal and this website. If you would like to contribute a piece to the journal, feel free to send an email to abcjournal.uva@gmail.com. Every journal has its own theme, which we aim to aim to announce well in time before its release. Editorial-style pieces are preferably related to the theme. If you have a paper you would like to see published in the ABC journal, the theme is not relevant. Please note that papers and editorials from the UvA and specifically the MBCS will have priority, but any external submissions get a warm welcome!