About the ABC journal


The ABC Journal was founded for and by students of the Research Master Brain and Cognitive Sciences (MBCS) from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). It creates an opportunity for students to get involved with the scientific peer review process by reviewing research projects of recent alumni in order to publish the best of them in the journal. Since its founding, the ABC Journal has developed further to encompass all aspects of scientific journalism, including designing and formatting the final product of the physical copies. The journal now includes design,  social media, web, and editorial teams. All members contribute to the central goal of reviewing the articles. As of 2018, the ABC Journal is run independently by students. The goal of the journal is to provide a real opportunity to contribute to the field of academic and scientific journalism. The editorial team additionally includes original works discussing important interdisciplinary questions within the fields of cognition and neuroscience. The ABC Journal also provides an opportunity to develop leadership and project management skills necessary to run a scientific journal.

Current ABC Journal Team

Leanne Kuiper

“I have always loved writing and it’s great to use and hone this skill in an academic environment!”

Franck Porteous

“Communication in science is essential. Being a part of the ABC journal allows me to promote original content to a broader audience.”

Marina Picรณ

“The ABC journal has been a great opportunity to develop my writing and critical skills when publishing the best works from the research being done at our master’s.”

Michelle Kรผhn

“I like being in the journal because I think it’s important that students
see what research is done within the programme. “

Lena Adel

“I joined the journal to make MBCS more vivid by gaining insights into the projects of fellow students”

Jenny Fielder

“I enjoy promoting students’ work and learning how to communicate science effectively.”

Mubashir Sultan

“I like reading. I like writing. I like editing. I like illustrating.”

Nada Amekran

“Writing, reading, reviewing, designing, publishing. The ABC journal provides experience in the full cycle. “